This resource is designed to provide partners of Carnido Russian Network the necessary technical information. But much of what is presented here may interest any visitor not indifferent to things, decorating our lives. Enjoy your work!

ABOUT USCarnido is a consulting company, coordinating office of the net of boutiques, located in different cities of Russia and working with goods for home of lux class (crockery, bed linen, tableware accessories, gifts). The partners of our network — are the firms, which occupy serious positions on the local lux class markets.

Staff of our company is working in this area since the early 1990’s, first like department of a big Russian trading company, and after 1998, registering as the company Carnido. Starting a business in Russia with the supply of furniture, we have gradually moved to the luxury goods for home, and now these products are the leading group of our business.

Our basic European partner in bed linen is YvesDelorme. Also we work with Blumarine, Jesurum and other producers. Crockery and gifts — Rosenthal, Haviland, Orrefors, Kosta Boda, Bernardaud, Dibbern, Robbe & Berking, Soher and others. In the boutiques of our partners they have table-cloth of such brands as Yves Delorme, Beauville, Le Jacquard Francais, Garnier Thiebaut, Valombreuse.

RETAIL-CONSULTINGThe work of our office is to coordinate the network of boutiques our partners: this is a search of new and interesting areas for work, planning of work programmes, the organization of joint visits to the exhibition, on the placement of orders and of the training, as well as control passing of payments, fulfillment of orders and implementation of logistics.

We control the pick up of the cargo from the factory, the implementation of customs procedures on the territory of Europe, transportation of cargo to Russia, carrying out customs procedures on the territory of Russia, we carry out temporary storage of the cargo in the leased warehouses in Moscow, where the goods are checked, sorted, and further sent to customers in Russia.

For the delivery of the different goods the most efficient means of tranportation are used for each type of them: truck deliveries, airway shipment, express shipments. Our partners are the transport and logistics firms from France, Italy, Germany, Finland. In case of necessity — we make the certification of the goods.

Much attention is paid to advertizing campaigns, special events — such as presentations, opening of new boutiques and so on.

On top of this, we maintain control over the proper presentation of the brands in full conformity with the demands of the producer. And we are held responsible for this before our suppliers.



JEWERLY IMPORTCarnido is licensed to import jewelry, including silver tableware and accessories, as the legislation of Russia silverware includes the group of jewelry. We carry a full range of services, which includes transportation from the factory to the customs in Russia, customs clearance, russian stamping of the goods.

We can organize deliveries of such goods from any manufacturer, not having registered the exclusive importer in Russia.




«Дом Роскоши Версаль»
Ул.Советская, 21
Yves Delorme, Rosenthal, Ashleigh&Burwood

«Boutique Les Cadeaux»

Галерея Одежды и Стиля
«Bisou By Me»
Петровский бульвар, 21
Одежда, обувь, аксессуары, бижутерия, ювелирные изделия
США, Англия, Франция, Италия, Бельгия, Голландия, Австралия

«Люксоро Интерьер»
Ул.Карла Либкнехта, 11
ТЦ «Пять Звезд»

«Розенталь Студио Хаус»
Rosenthal, Robbe & Berking, Ashleigh&Burwood

«Салон Ив Делорм»
Ул.Григорьева, 41/43
Yves Delorme, Rosenthal, Dondi Blumarine, Le Jacquard Francais, Ashleigh&Burwood и другие

«Yves Delorme»
Ул.Холодильная, 120/2
Yves Delorme, Rosenthal, Bernardaud, Orrefors Kosta Boda, Ashleigh&Burwood и другие


Бутик «Yves Delorme»
г.Хабаровск, Восточное шоссе 41
Бизнес-центр «Золотые башни»
правое крыло, 3-ий этаж
Yves Delorme, Le Jacquard Francais, Verdiani, Homers, Ashleigh&Burwood, Atelier Catherine Masson и другие


«FLAT Salon»
Хабаровск, ул. Гамарника, 64
Mepra, Rosenthal